Inwood Mikvah

Welcome to the Inwood Mikvah Reservation System.

We have been advised that it is now safe to allow preparations at the Mikvah.

All rooms are cleaned thoroughly between uses, and common areas and surfaces are disinfected frequently.

We offer bath appointments and shower appointments.
Please reserve according to your needs.

We encourage you to shower again at the Mikvah even if you have prepared at home. However, if you feel safer doing all preparations at home, please bathe at home and shower again before you come. We will ask you to comb your wet hair at the Mikvah and to check yourself in the full length mirror.

Payment Methods:
Credit card payments are accepted online.
Checks and cash are accepted at the Mikvah.
Zelle, Paypal and Quickpay payments can be sent to pay@inwoodmikvah.org